Organic gardening is the answer

by Allen

Hi love your website heaps of information for people who would like to save a few dollars food cost.Everyone knows food wont get cheaper.I have been interested in organics since i was a teenager when my mum would try to grow as much fruit and veges as she could. It wasn't about money but being able to feed the family and not relying on supermarkets for fresh food.

I have always had organic gardens all my life and wouldnt do it any other way.

I think going organic is the way to go but I think its only half way there as without nutrient density the food is still only organic food. Yes its good healthy food but could be better if it has higher nutrient levels. Most of the veges and other foods we buy from supper markets only have maybe 10-20% if that, so if we had more nutrient dense foods we would be getting higher amounts of nutrients which means we dont have to consume as much to get good amounts of nutrients.

To get organic nutrient dense food you must think of the whole process from soil to harvesting.This process should be used for animal farms as well - good soil, good crops, good healthy animals.

I hope in the future people will go this way as it seems like common sense and the best way to grow anything at this time.

Happy gardening!


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