by Beverley
(Warnbro, WA)


I live on a suburban block with my husband Tim. We both love gardening, and as much as we can, we try to keep to organic gardening.

Our block is a lot larger than the postage stamp blocks of today.
The house is relatively small at 156 sq m while the block is 759 sq m which gives us some room to grow what we like.

We planted plums, peach, mango (sick at the moment), 2 apples, mandarin, navel orange, and lemon trees about 2 years ago.

Living in Perth is a challenge and because we live close to the coastline in the Rockingham area, it is not soil, but all sand. You have to add organic in order to grow anything.
In my home city of Adelaide I never had to deal with that before, and I could plant something, knowing if I added a little organic matter it would just improve the result... not like here. If you plant something without adding organic soil or compost, forget it, it will most likely cark it.

We mulch, but have built a small limestone wall around the garden beds and bought 4 cubic meters of organic soil just recently. The trees are planted in this area.
'The rest of the garden is a work in progress and because of time restraints and money, we have left it to fallow... and will be tacking after we finish the first project.

We have planted beans, buk choy, broccoli, snow peas (just planted) and have just harvested the first buk choy. Because I love colour I could not resist planting some flowers... and with the most recent seedings I planted out I used companion planting which I find really great.

Hoping someone may be able to help
The mango tree we think has what is commonly known as wet foot and the bark is going black and splitting in a couple of places. Just called the tree farm in Swan Valley where I bought it and the owner of the farm said to spray with fungicide. Hmmm... I asked if there was any alternatives and he said no.

Because I hate to use anything other than natural, can anyone recommend anything to help my tree recover?

Well, that's about it from me

Happy gardening.


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