Panama, Cocle, Penonome $90,000.00 for the smaller piece

by john douglas
(Panama, Penonome)


People tell us that we grow the tastiest foods in Panama and right now we have wonderful oranges coming out of our ears. Come and take a taste test yourself of the best juice you will find anywhere...and take some wonderful oranges home with you after your tour.

Delight in forty to fifty different organic fruits including various citrus, guayaba, starfruit, with over ten varieties of mangoes and bananas alone. Try for yourself an apple banana for an exquisite taste experience. We have around 80 varieties of foods consisting of approximately 350 trees, 500 pineapple, coffee, etc.

Bottom line, permaculture farming means better production and flavor with less work and no chemicals!

Enjoy a half mile of river playground on the farm. I love watching the young (and young at heart) jump and do flips off the cliff into the Zarati River. Do you care to try? It is the largest and cleanest river in the area.

Revel in the view from the porch of the three bedroom, two bath house that looks out over your food forest,.... WOW! From the top of the hill behind, is another simply spectacular view...and its as build-able as you would like.

Totaling 10 hectares (25 acres) with 700 yards of river frontage, we will sell all (or in 2 hect. pieces) at just $5.00/meter or $475,000.00

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