Permaculture Course India - Heal the soil

by Dr_Gonzo

Internationally Certified Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Kottakarai Village,Tamil Nadu,India

This 18-day course will consist of a broad range of topics applicable to life anywhere on the planet, at the same time catering to the specific needs of the participating students.

Course Type:
Full Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

PDC Plus is a 72hr 'Permaculture Design Certification Course' for beginners. It will be accompanied by a participating 'flying team' of practitioners who already hold permaculture certificates.
Every participant will be matched with a local village participant who receives PDC training free of charge. This training will help them and their community to implement and practice permaculture methods in other villages. After the PDC, these communities will start enjoying nutritious home grown food and will have possibility of earning extra income by selling their produce in local markets.

Classic 72hrs PDC Curriculum

Plus introduction to:
- Bio-dynamics
- Local Buildings
- Regional Art and Craft
- Medicinal Plants
- Waste Management
- Social Business
- Community Gardens
- Terra Cota Potteries
- Indian Cookery
- Documentaries
- Idea Pool
- Guest Speakers

Dates and times Dates:
31 January 2012 - 18 February 2012

Teachers -

* Bernrad Alonso from and

* Ilumalai co-founder Heal the Soil CSA

Venue information

Kottakarai Village


Tamil NaduIndia

Booking and further information

Cost: US$630 Includes accommodation & meals Concessions available


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