Pros and Cons of Dehorning Billy Goats

I have a pygmy goat that is approx 7 months old. We got him two months ago. Today we took him to a livestock vet and had him dehorned. The vet assured me that it was ok to do this. The reason we decided to dehorn him was that we have a large number of small children that interact with him. His horns had begun to cause a problem and we were worried about a child getting hurt.

In saying that.. we brought him home and are feeling beyond terrible. The vet showed me the horns. I did not realize what horns were all for.... He put a paste on his head and said he does not need pain meds. Our goat is very tired ( as one would expect) I am so fearful that we did a terrible thing. I am worried that he is in pain. Some sites say it is fine to dehorn while other say it is very inhumane. Whats done is done.... I just want to know if what we did was the right thing.


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Dec 02, 2012
Dehorning Paste at 2 Months Old?
by: berniesbiz2

I am not a total professional with goats. However, I thought paste was for when goats are much younger--like when the buds start to come out? I've read enough online and many people do not recommend paste. It's very caustic and could get somewhere else on the goat's body or onto another goat's body. It's honestly a difficult choice as to what to do at 2 months old. Some people would let them grow and then use banding. But many people are against banding while others think it's fine.

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