Raising Chickens for Money

by Marvin
(Hogeye, Arkansas)

Wife and I are on outskirts of metro area on a fairly busy road and am thinking about raising large chicken flocks for egg, baby chick and pullet sales.

We do have a lot of experience with chickens, just have not seriously considered trying to make a few $$$$ until now.
The local farmer's markets do a super business and a few farmers are selling free range eggs $3-$3.50/dozen.
Unsexed chicks sell here for $3.00.

Has anyone on the forum tried selling eggs, baby chicks or pullets?

Is it a silly idea or worthwhile? Any tips, ideas appreciated.

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Oct 19, 2014
making money raising chooks
by: Anonymous

I will explain how I make good money raising shooks ONLY for those in OZ. If you would like to see my plan, email me DIRECTLY - not on this site. If your properties show you to be anywhere but OZ, I will not reply. I do not want my neighbors in the US to see what I doing and maybe copy me from 5 miles down the road. I do not want to foster any competition.

Oct 11, 2012
Chickens for $$$$$
by: Marvin

WEll, I started this thread. And here we are sometime down the road and have gotten the answer: Time required and feed costs make the endeavor NOT worthwhile. Certainly not profitable.
We have never had one week where we sold enough to pay the feed bill.
We are now selling out and getting numbers down to 20-30 for our own use.
I do think that if an area has a lot of 'organic' consumers, there may be a bit of profit there.
Dressed organic, 3-4 pound birds sell for $11-$12.00 locally. Organic eggs sell for $3.5-$4.00 dozen.
I am told that most sales are at farmer's markets until one gets a good dependable customer list.
Another factor for me is that I have good real estate business and just cannot devote the time required to do the chickens.

Marvin Shelley
Rural Real Estate Broker
Hogeye, Arkansas

May 26, 2010
Where to sell
by: Chris

Can you tell me where your sister sells her eggs. I don't mean specifically but rather what type of outlet or customer base. We are in Qld and would like to look at this as an option to make a bit of income. We have 40 acres.

Meg: She advertises in the local classified newspapers and posts them all over Australia.

May 15, 2010
You can make $ from chooks
by: Meg

I agree that the sums are not good for eggs or meat... feed costs are a killer. Chickens are still worth keeping for the work they do, with their eggs and meat for the family.

But, how about keeping purebred stock and selling fertile eggs? My sister does this and makes around $600 a week during the peak laying season. Or, value add your fertile eggs by hatching them in an incubator and selling day old chicks. No feed costs, good returns.

Cheers, Meg

May 15, 2010
selling eggs
by: Anonymous

Hi guys, if you are a small scale producer you would need to be getting at least $5.00 per dozen (and probably more like $7.00) to make any money out of selling eggs. If you are buying feed per bag instead of bulk (e.g seven to ten tons at a time) the maths just don't work out. Sorry.


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