Raising Chickens:
How to Raise Chickens
in Your Backyard or Small Farm.

Chickens are indispensable to self sufficiency. Luckily raising chickens successfully is not rocket-science!

Learning how to raise chickens is simple enough that anyone can benefit from the many jobs they do, particularly in Permaculture systems.

For sure, rasing chickens is integral to self sufficiency at any scale.

Whether you are raising backyard chickens or have a small farm, we have all the right facts about chickens to help you succeed.

Easy Chicken Coops
How-to videos & plans
How to Raise Rabbits
For meat, fun & profit
A to Z of Keeping Chickens
Thrift tips, recipes and more.

Learn All About Chickens!

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Different Breeds of Chickens

Guide to buying chickens.

How To Raise Chickens

What Do Chickens Eat?

Chickens As Pets

Hatching Chickens.

Using Chickens in Permaculture Systems.

Hen House Plans & Chicken Tractor Plans

The Best Back Yard Chickens (& why!)

Breeding Chickens for Sex Linked Color

Egg Incubators and Egg Incubators for Sale here.

Learn How to Keep Happy, Healthy Productive Chickens. raising chickens guide