Rock Gardens

by C.

I garden where I can. My rocky sloped guerrilla gardens are spread over 5 acres, winding through unseen power lines. Yes, power lines. Haven't got zapped yet, but never fail to take precautions by wearing shoe spikes just in case, using only the occasional wooden tool. If it happens it happens.

No one else uses this lonely windswept area for anything, so it makes for the perfect hidden native fruiting orchard and grain fields. The annual line inspector knows some local wanders a bit around the area from spotting me occasionally over the years, but either keeps quiet, or fails to notice anything looking vaguely like food growing in heaps of compost. Perhaps he thinks its wild grass and scrub in frost heaves? Oh, well. Can't help what people think, can we?

Water is a problem at times, but there's abundant rainfall in spring and fall, and scattered rock pools which come in handy (for wildlife also). Summers were a bit trickier before I gave up growing more tender needy types up there. They grow closer to home nowadays.

One main reason I love this unusual gardening area's all mine to care for. Not even my children like going up there. If it weren't for the clothes, I'd think I was the original Adam.

Thanks. Just talking about it makes me appreciate it even more.

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Jan 31, 2010
Native Fruiting Orchard
by: Nebraska Dave

C., the term native fruiting orchard piqued my interest. What exactly is a native fruiting orchard? I live on the East side of Nebraska and the only wild fruiting tree that I know is the Mulberry. We do have Elder berries and occasionally find other things along abandoned railroad tracks that have now been turned into bike trails. Is that what you are talking about?

It really does sound like a wonderful place to contemplate things without the distraction of the world?s influence. What kinds of things do you grow in such a garden and how often to do get there to tend to it? It?s really a novel idea for guerrilla gardening.

Thank you for sharing your secret guerrilla garden experience.

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