Sex linked chicks

by Dorothy
(Lancaster, California USA)

I am looking for people who have actually and reliably produced sex link chicks. I breed and raise chickens mostly as a hobby, but do sell some eggs and chicks to help pay the feed bill. About 6 months ago I started researching sex link chicks and thought I had it figured out.

For instance, a Rhode Island Red rooster bred to a Barred Rock hen is supposed to produce black sex link chicks with the pure black chicks being pullets and the black chicks with a white spot on their heads being the cockerels. But I just talked to a local large scale breeder and they said that the color sexing (black sex link, red sex link, etc) only works if you buy special breeder stock for that purpose (no, they don't sell the special breeder stock, but told me which hatchery does).

I already figured that you need very pure bred birds as parents for color sex links to work, but didn't think it needed to be a special strain within this breed. Have you heard of this? Is this what you do?


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Jan 22, 2011
Sex linked hens
by: Michelle Contini

Hi there, I've also been looking into this and had some advice from an experienced breeder who said what you already seem to have figured out, you need very pure bred lines to get the sex linked chicks, although if you can find them apparently several breeds work, mainly red bloodline cocks with barred hens or white hens it seems. (RIR and light sussex/legbar hen seems the most popular)
I have not found anyone yet who will guarantee me pure bred chickens that can be sex linked if crossed, I've also been told there can be inter breeding problems due to the lack of fresh bloodlines. I would be very interested if you find any conclusive info!

Oct 11, 2010
Never fail sex link chicks
by: Asau Miller

I breed Salmon Faverolles hens with Salmon Faverolles Roos. You can tell the difference in sex from about 2 weeks old, as the males have a lot of black on them, and the females don't.

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