Sheep Butchering Video Guide.

Want to do your own goat or sheep butchering …but not really sure how?

Our DIY home meat butchering videos will show you exactly how to process a sheep or goat from start to finish, all with basic butchering equipment.

Don’t have a rifle? Don’t worry...

Lewis, our professional slaughterman fully demonstrates the kosher butchering technique showing you how to slaughter simply, quickly and humanely with just a very sharp sticking knife, and the right positioning of you and the animal.

…See and hear a professional slaughterman walk you through each step of butchering.

It’s like Lewis is right there with you.

With this learning method, he almost is! And you can watch these lessons again and again. Why is that important...

Because for you to gain the skills you need to DIY butcher with confidence, you need to SEE what the correct posture and hand movements are for slaughtering, and exactly what, how and where to use your butchering equipment.

I'm so confident that this is the very best sheep butchering video available that I am giving you a free sample of the videos to prove it for yourself - no gambrel attached.

If you haven’t already seen it, watch your free video trailer NOW!

The STEP 1 Home Butchering Video DVD (duration 25 minutes)...

...takes you over every step of butchering lamb, from slaughtering to skinning, including tips and tricks to make the job a breeze.

It illustrates:

* easy techniques for removing the offal cleanly without contaminating the carcass, as well as...

* the where and what of proper meat inspection to ensure the animal is disease-free and healthy to eat.

From there the STEP 2 Home Butchering Video (duration 32 minutes)...

...shows the cutting stage of sheep butchering - how to professionally but easily section the lamb into many different cuts ready for cooking!

You get BOTH Step 1 and Step 2 of the sheep butchering videos together for just AU$39.99 plus P&H.

You can watch these DVD's... on your computer
or your DVD player on the TV.

And with DVD video there is:

No Reading endless pages trying to figure what they mean

NO Printing out an entire eBook just to read 100's of dull pages


If you’ve watched the sample video and are ready to get going immediately to start meat butchering at home like a pro, you can order now.

With this video you just sit back, get comfortable, relax, and watch as often as you want. Before you know it – You’ve GOT it!

It’s like you spent hours reading and studying to learn the “best of the best.” It just doesn’t get any easier or faster.

And We're going to give you 2 FREE BONUSES just to make sure you get loads of EXTRA VALUE over any other sheep butchering video out there.

butchering goat

Bonus 1: Video Guide to Butchering Goat - Step 1.

Yes, Lewis our professional slaughterman will walk you through the same steps again from slaughter to gutting and skinning, this time with a young goat.

Bonus 2: Video Guide to Butchering Goat - Step 2.

See exactly how to butcher your goat carcass to produce meat cuts ready for cooking.

Proven Results.
100% Guaranteed.