Shelter chicken

(San Pedro CA)

There's an animal shelter near me and I sometimes go there just to look around. The other day I went and there was this little black silkie. After inquiring about it I found out that it had been adopted but returned recently. It's as cute as a bugs ear but I think it might be a roo. Because I inquired about it I now have first choice at adoption when it comes off hold. I do have room for another hen or two in my flock/coop but because I already have a large, (8.6 lbs at last weigh in) slightly aggressive rooster I'm not sure if I want or can take on another rooster. Even one so cute. Also because he looks so different from the others I'm afraid they'll pick on him. Someone help. My chickens free range and it's so hard seeing him in that little pen at the shelter. And he comes right up to you when you call him but the people at the shelter told me they know nothing about chickens, they give him food and water but have no interaction with him. I'm at my wits end.

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