Small business wanted

by sam

We would like to start a new business over seas - where can we buy one?

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Oct 14, 2012
Partner/Investor wanted
by: james Ryan

Jim Kanipe

Have a question to all investors or would be investors. Would you spend 1 million to fund a new business that will earn $921,600,000.00 yearly? Granted it will take the 1st year to get routes established. I've built a machine that will make that. Plus create jobs. 1 operator can earn $3200 daily working 6 days a week will earn you $19,200.00 1 month $ 76,8000.00 and 1 year $921,600.00.
5 machine operators will earn $4,608,000.00 10 = $ 9,216,000.00 100 = $ 92,160,000.00.
500 = $460,800,000.00 and 1000 machines = $921,6000,000.00 Now all you bankers who are needing 500 page reports and several more packets of what ever bullshit, do not contact me. The first person who will back me and start getting my machines built and out working earning money will be my partner 50/50 in a business I have no doubt will make more money than we could ever dream of having, and create jobs. I want a machine in every town across the U.S. here is my contact information jkanipe at yahoo dot com I will send send pictures of my machine and pictures of what its able to do. Thanks!

Aug 22, 2011
response to Small business Wanted post
by: Anonymous

It might not be a serious question but it could well be one. In the event it is serious then clearly some more info is needed such as where they are now and where they want to start a business. The sort of business which might work in India or Britain might well NOT work in the US or Australia or vice versa. Perhaps the questioner is moving and trying to get some info before they leap into a new life. If that's the case, then seems to me a darn good question.

Not sure that it is helpful to sneer and snort, and it certainly won't help the questioner in the event that was a serious question.

In the event that it WASN"T, then even so thoughtful and polite discussion might help someone else who was turning possibilities over in their mind.

Jun 27, 2011
overseas business
by: Marvin

Is this a serious question?

There's 1,000s of types of businesses in more than 150 countries.

Only an idiot would ask a question like this.

And I guess it takes an idiot to waste time replying to it.

Marvin Shelley
Rural Real Estate Broker
Fayetteville, Arkansas


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