Sustainable Living on a Small Farm: How We Developed Our Working Model

Want your small farm sustainable living adventure to be a success?

Then you’ll need the right information, as well as practical hands-on skills.

So here we share our in-depth knowledge and experience of Permaculture farming and building technology.

And you’ll see how we've applied it … in real-life… to developing our own property project.

Small Farm Property Design Services

Small Farm Permaculture Designs for your property start at only AU$550. Details available here.

How to select and develop a perfect small farm for sustainable living from a to z:

• How to build a profile of the perfect property for you

Permaculture landscape design & how we applied it to our 5 acres

Soil testing and soil optimization

• Managing Your Soil

Property Selection

• DIY Land Surveying Basics

• Small Farm Earthworks

• How to save money building your house

Straw bail construction

• Simple living on farms - sustainable living from scratch

Farm fencing

Electric Fencing

Invisible Dog Fencing

• Ideas we've used to make on-farm Income

• Developing alternative energy resources

• Sowing pasture seed mixes using Seed Balls

• Water resources development

• Passive solar home design

• Grey water systems

Ready to get your hands dirty? Then let’s get into it!!!