South Africa, Western Cape, George, R6 600 000

by Gabrielle Andrew
(George, Western Cape, South Africa)

Leilas is nestled at the foot of the Outeniqua mountains on the municipal boundary of the rural city of George. She is a 7ha north east facing magical gem. There has been no tillage for 60 years on the land and 18 years ago we planted hundreds of indigenous trees.

I continue to plant trees and other indigenous plants annually and the small animal and bird life that have moved in is remarkable. There are tens of birds vizable at any one time; cuckoo's , kingfishers, eagles, fly catchers , hammerkops, hoepoes , robin's, and the list goes on and on. Even the ielusive puff tail is heard in the evenings and mornings.

There is a bird rescue station on the propery managed by a young veterany assistant who rehabilitates the birds and releases them on the property. Other tenants include passionate permaculturalists, grown, planting, collecting water, growing chickens, worms etc. The monthly income from these R9000

There are three structures on the property: a wooden barn, a 200 year old sod cottage and a large cob house. The cob house has three independent flats which houses 3 of the tenants. The sod house is currently standing empty so a further income could be gained from this structure. There is an ideal site for an additional structure to be built.

The mountain views are unprecedented. The location is on the municipal boundary of the city of George. 9km from the beach, 5km from the.airport ,2km from the fancy Fancourt hotel and golf estate and 7km from the city center.
This land is ideally suited for a permaculture education centre/lifestyle or a small animal game park.

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