Spring is coming

by David
(Omaha, NE U.S.A.)

My attempt at organic gardening

My attempt at organic gardening

I'm making an attempt at urban backyard biointensive raised bed organic vertical growing. That's really just a big mouth full to sound impressive about three raised beds with some rotting leaves composting in the growing areas for now. Come March those leaves will be turned under and covered with good dirt to begin the growing season that starts here in March and gets in full swing about the middle of May.

The snow has buried us this year. We are far above normal with almost 35 inches of snow with subzero temperatures many nights. After 3 weeks of intense weather we are finally getting melting temperatures above freezing. Winter is far from being over, but for now it's good to see some warmer weather.

I've received 4 seed catalogs with more on the way. Thoughts of beginning seeds for transplanting are dancing through my head these days. There's always excitement in the house when preparation for the Spring growing season start becoming a reality. Spring here is only 68 days away and anticipation grows with every passing day.

Nebraska Dave

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