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Want to start eBay business? Looking for eBay selling advice? Smart move!

Following a proven eBay business model makes it easy to start a successful eBay business that brings in the profits …the first time round.

How do we know? Well, we’re doing it! (Our eBay ID: graeme9889)

We'd love to give you the opportunity too.

EBay provides a massive and growing marketplace with plenty of room for new players. Why should you miss out on a piece of the action? You can start your eBay business today.

So here you can get your hands on info that will definitely teach you how to ditch your job… and maybe even get rich… on eBay. As we have, so have thousands of other people just like you.

Our Personal Experience
with the EBay Business Model

100% of our income over the past 4 years has been earned from our eBay business. Thank God for eBay!

EBay has been vitally important to our personal success and has given us the freedom to do the things we want to do.

Without it we would never have been able to leave our jobs and live and work out on our small farm full time.

Why Should You Start an eBay Business?

If you are like us and start an EBay business from home, you enjoy all these advantages other businesses don’t offer:

Quick income flow. With eBay you can make money immediately.

• Flexible, low working hours.

No need to employ staff to man your “shop”.

• No need for a real shop at all!

No advertising. The eBay website gets billions of visitors a day automatically!

• All up, low business overheads that blow bricks-and-mortar competitors away!

Some folks even earn great income off eBay without having to pack products every day...

The internet is the future of business and EBay is the
easiest way to tap into this huge and growing market.

Unlike other internet business models, you don’t even need complicated stuff like a website, shopping cart, or advertising campaign to be able to sell on EBay.

That's lots of great reasons to start an eBay business!

***Some eBay Statistics***

Just to give you an idea of how massive and dynamic the eBay marketplace was even back in 2006 consider these facts…

eBay Worldwide Sales 2006

• eBay has over 233 Million registered users spending up to $141 Million a day

1.3 Million people now make their full time or part time living on eBay

• If eBay were a country it would be the 5th largest in the world by population behind China, India, the USA and Indonesia.

eBay sellers turn over nearly $100,000 every minute… imagine tapping into that!

• eBay is the # 1 retail site in the world!

eBay Australia Sales
start ebay business

There are over 5 million Australian eBay members. That’s one in every three adult Australians! Wow!

In fact, eBay is Australia's leading online marketplace.

On an average day on eBay Australia:

A car is sold every 12 minutes.

• A laptop is sold every 11 minutes.

An antique is sold every 3 minutes.

• Pet supplies are sold every 2 minutes.

A baby item is sold every 46 seconds.

• A mobile phone or accessory is sold every 37 seconds.

An auto part is sold every 33 seconds.

• A DVD is sold every 23 seconds.

• A toy is sold every 16 seconds.

An item of women's clothing is sold every 14 seconds.

You Can Start an eBay Business Today

There are literally thousands of people like us who are making a full-time income on eBay. Some have also undoubtedly succeeded to get rich on eBay.

Even if you don't know ANYTHING about the Internet, we know you can learn to run a successful home based business on eBay.

To your freedom!