Starting Out

by Michelle Rayborn
(Oxford, Fl)

My parents and I share 5 acres in Oxford, Fl. 20 miles south of Ocala and 7 miles west of The Villages.

My father just had a major surgery and is no longer able to work. (He is 77 and held a part time job up until then). Both him and I love to raise chickens and garden. So, I decided why not raise the chickens to sale the eggs and expand the garden, to where we have enough produce for ourselves and sale the rest. My garden is a 1/2 acre plot and I am now planting. On weekends, I go to the local farmers markets to see what certain produce is going for and how it is being offered to the public. My plan is to sale my produce at the end of my lane and or from the front of my property. Which I think is a great idea, because even though we live in a rural part of the county, the main road has high volume traffic.
There are many farmers around that grow watermelons, tomatoes, and peas. But, no one has a stand in the area offering their crops.
I also figured, that what I don't grow, I can purchase from these farmers and sale myself. So... since I have never owned my own business, I'm looking for ideas from anyone who has started out the same.

Note: I work from 3pm until 12am as a Manager of a restaurant. So, from 0800am until 2pm, I work at home. My plans are to sale my product to the public, 2 times thru out the week and on weekends.


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