SUBTROPICS: Permie Family Invited to Farm with Other in Qsld

by Mere
(Atherton Tablelands, Australia)

Hi Meg

Looking to find like minded, permaculture loving people to share our working-towards-sustainable 60ac farm... Don't know how to go about advertising this and hoping you can help!

We are a homeschooling family (1, 4 & 7 yo boys). We grow our own food, and raise our own animals (and grow their fodder), and preserve or trade our excess.

We'd like a family to come and live with us with similar goals - a sustainable life post peak everything!

Don't know how you can help us. I have a blurb written up about us and our property that I can email you if you would like.

Hope you can help!

Thanks :)


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May 16, 2014
Ref. mere post
by: Anonymous

Wow, sounds amazing. Can you duplicate yourselves and come to Northern California, I have 20 acres to share!

Feb 07, 2012
a bit more about the farm :)
by: mere

Looking for people to share our property!

We live on a beautiful 60acre property on the Atherton Tablelands. We have 3 jersey cows, one in milk now and feeding 4 calves and us, one due to calve in late March, and another due to calve late October. We have 4 lovely horses, a breeding trio of pigs, 4 bee hives (yummy mead!), guinea fowl to keep the insect and tick load down, geese to keep the grass down and be “watch dogs”, ducks, turkeys and lots of lovely chickens for meat and eggs.

We have two mastiff dogs - our family guardians - that we breed and four cats which keep our property rat free.

We don't use any chemicals at all on the property and we try to do everything with recycled materials.

We have a ram pump for water from our little stream, which connects to a bigger creek. We want to dig out some parts of the creek to make our own personal little camp ground and swimming hole!

We grow most of our own food, and have a fruit orchard which we are slowly turning into a food forest with medicinal herbs, useful plants and veges scattered about and growing in harmony under the fruit trees. We'd like to experiment with growing grains of some kind – perhaps barley and oats.

We produce most of our own vege, seasonal fruit, milk, cheese and dairy, meat and eggs.

We are highly motivated members of the local transition movement on the Tablelands, as well as the local economic trading system (LETS) – our local community currency.

We run workshops through LETS within the community on sour dough and fermenting, food security and cooking with stored foods, building gardens, localised communication technologies. We hold movie nights monthly aimed at building an aware, strong, resilient community.

Scott is the ASPO representative for Far North Queensland. He liaises with local council about disaster preparedness and sustainability.

We are preparing for a future that will be quite different to the current way of life. All of this takes up a lot of time. We would like to share our space with like minded people who would help create a sustainable property and a resilient community. We firmly believe “it takes a village ..”

We have a vacant guest house! It has two bedrooms, a living area, and a shower/toilet with all doors coming off a veranda with amazing views of rainforest and rolling green hills. The living area needs some work to make it comfortable, but everything is there waiting to go!

The type of people you would be:

wanting a sustainable, aware, resilient community.

wanting to grow your own food and live close to nature.

open minded and open to new ideas.

willing to work with us to create a lifestyle we all want.

willing to share your knowledge and skills.

willing to try new things and explore new concepts.

like children

like animals

We would love to share our lives and work with others :) If you need more space there is always the option of having caravans in a private spot.

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