Survival Seeds Plus

by Suzy Bagwell
(Texarkana, Texas USA)

Hi Everyone, I feel honored to post on Dr. Meg's forum. This year I totally changed my way of gardening thanks to a little old lady now passed away named "Ruth Stout" Her 2 videos can be seen on YOUTUBE. That in combination with the "Back to Eden" video has changed my gardening life!!! Now I don't weed any longer as there is no need. I no longer water because the moisture is held in the ground at the root level where it belongs. The part I love best is this will work anywhere regardless of soil composition or compaction. You MUST watch these 3 videos if you want to garden the way God did. The simple way!!! I'm all for simple. The yield increased greatly. NO more bug worries. Everyone wanting to have double the size of plants and yield should watch these videos. The use of hay, wood chips,grass clippings and a multitude of other things used to layer or lasagna the garden is wonderful. Now is the time to put it down to have it ready for next years plantings. You will be a happy camper especially if you have poor soil or rocky land. Stop removing rocks forever, this application goes over the top of the rocks. Happy Gardening the easy way,

Suzy Bagwell
4 States Youth Ranch, LLC, Non Profit, 501C3
Youth Ranch Ministry for abused children

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Sep 14, 2011
Ruth Stout
by: Anonymous

Oh thankyou so much for the link to Ruth Stout. i just watched her on you tube and was blown away. I am setting up a new garden in my new house and have been digging and hoeing and feeling very tired and achy. Why am I doing it?
I will be adopting not only her garden ways but her life philosophy.

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