Sustainability in Permaculture

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

The hype of "going green" campaigns of different non-profit organizations is not just a useless fad. The aim of environmental campaigns is to preserve and develop nature in the most effective way without sacrificing any area of people's source of living. The field of Agriculture is torn between industrialization and nature preservation. For one, the development of agriculture is highly dependent on technology. Ironically, agriculture needs a healthy and sustainable environment for it thrive, a challenge that technology has to deal. And this is where Permaculture comes in.

Permaculture is a branch of ecology and engineering that aims to provide and enhance human settlement with full consciousness of the balancing of the ecosystem. It has appeared in various forms of engineering and design, agriculture, and ecology. In pursuing the three principles of Permaculture, which are care of the Earth, people, and limits to consumption, Agriculture has chosen to adapt green technology in their processes.

In what way does green technology help in the development of Agriculture in the most 'sustainable' way?

There are various gardening and agricultural techniques which are developed to answer the need of sustainability. For example, organic gardening is always encouraged to farmers. Many government and non-government bodies are willing to financially support farmers and train them to grow products in the most natural way.

Poultry and livestock industries are also being supported by environmental groups. Upon the discovery of biogas in some animal's manure, many farmers are encouraged to make use of the manure, apart from including it in the compost pit.

All it takes is the courage to start a whole new lifestyle. Diminishing consumption and turning to what's natural is enough for ordinary citizens like the rest of us. The shift of luxurious to frugal lifestyle will not only spare our wallets; it can benefit the environment big time.

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