System Schematics for small farm methane digesters needed!

by Curtis
(Selma, Oregon)

We are currently writing grant requests to begin placing microscale continuous displacement methane digesters on small farms in our area. So far, only industrial and municipal applications seem to be running in the US. Any system schematics and or performance data that you are willing to share would be a great help to us at this early phase.


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Sep 23, 2015
Working on 2.5 t/d Small Modular AD System~60kW
by: Konohiki-Hawaiian

Received a USDA-SBIR Phase I & Phase II project grant in 2008 & 2011, respectively. Was working closely with the development of "An Integrated Biogas-Solar Dehydration System" for a small to mid-size farm production.

Can't share all of my secrets on-line, but we can talk about collaborations/partnerships off-line.


Apr 28, 2012
small farm digester components
by: scarab

I designed a steam injected methane digester in vermont on a 230 cow facility. We produced 50 kw consistantly.Here's an overview of the system.
First we used a harvestor silo small 6" of foam surrounding it.10" pvc from vat in building to top oof digester. We used a residential steam boiler running on oil for startup this injected steam into the recieving vat form the pit in the barn.Also a grinder pump was used and an upright pump was used to transfer manure to the digester building. Ok 3 float system in recieving vat steam injected into vat at 104degrees F a liberty high temp sewage ejector pump pumped the heated manure into the digester.Once the process produces enough methane we used a HB Smith GB300 steam boiler started with 3 tubes and fired with methane gas.Slowly adding tubes eventually all 12 firing this allowed us to shut down the oil boiler. Then after a day or two we fired our motor outfitted with an LP gas conversion kit.Now we were producing power via the 50KW generator.Also the heat produced from the motor was pumped into the larger recieving vat with stainless 11/2 milk pipeline coiled through it.This allowed us to shut the other boiler down.Now we're totally self sustainable.There is lots more small details but this will give you an idea what's invloved. Feel free to contact me at with any questions.

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