Teaching Sustainability on a Budget

by Rita
(Mosta, Martinique)

MEDITERRANEAN: I have been given permission to visit the schools of Malta to teach children about the sustainability of life. I was asked to establish a sum of money going towards visits to schools with puppets and books. What do you suggest I ask money for first? Do I need book marks, books, posters etc. Where should I invest my money first to start to teach children about this important aspect of life and the future?

MEG: you can teach sustainability principles very cheaply. I suggest the students will only need pens and paper. Aside from that, everything to do with teaching sustainability principles is by definition cheap. Why not make your own paper by recycling paper; grow vegetables and feed the plants with recycle compost and worm poo - demonstrating the cycling of resources in nature; you can use pizza boxes and aluminium foil, plastic wrap, black paint and tape to make solar ovens to demonstrate solar energy etc etc.

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