Terra Nova Gardens update.

by Nebraska Dave
(Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

Winter at Terra Nova Gardens

Winter at Terra Nova Gardens

Gardening in my area is in a resting mode now as the wind howls and the snow blows outside. Temperatures dip down to -25C with wind chills much colder. Only the hope that Spring will be here in about six to eight weeks carries the gardeners through the cold snowy winter months.

Onions have been started under the grow lights. More onions will be started in another week. Soon after that other vegetables will be started. So I guess one could say the gardening season has started even though it doesn't look like it outside.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) came knocking last fall and wanted permission to test my garden land for lead. About 100 years ago factories long the river water front spued lead into the air from manufacturing and it settled down on the surrounding land. If they decide that the levels are too high then 12 inches of soil will be scraped off and replaced with "good top soil" So the Terra Nova Gardens growing season will depend on what the EPA will do in the Spring.

I had to rebuild the Terra Nova Garden fence. A van came down the road and lost control, tipped over on its side and slid through the fence taking out two graphic panels and two regular fence panels. Much glue and patience put the panels back together. Now the fence has a great story and lots of character.

The inner city garden story continues. Perhaps this will be a great year but if not at least it will create a good story to tell.

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