appreciate the info.

We are leaning towards Rhode Island Reds for
cooking eggs, hatching eggs, day-old and 6 week old pullets. Roosters - 8-12week old - would go to a local USDA inspected kill house for fryer/broiler sales and our home freezer.

There is a huge market for non-store bought veggies, eggs, etc. Both low and high income folks.

The farmers' market is huge - and draws 1,000s - for an area our size. This year the farm market has expanded to two new locations - 4 days a week. We have an established large, organic grocery store. So, the market is here. Vendors usually sell out of everything before Noon.

My primary occupation is owning a small real estate firm - primarily selling rural homes, farms and land; so wife and I have some spare time for the poultry thing.

The largest city last year passed an ordinance allowing a backyard flock of 4 hens - no roosters.

Locally bought feed costs seems reasonable - 14-16 cents a pound.

The project will not be huge - maybe 100 layers.

Thanks for your ideas and input. More info is always welcome.

Marvin Shelley
Hogeye, Arkinsaw.

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