The Armorer's Arms

by Vincent O'Briant
(Paris Texas)

The Armorer's Arms is a custom design and manufacturer of medieval weaponry and tools.

Forget the show case and ren-fair stuff. These are practical no non-sence hardcore weapons and tools made by a neo-classical craftsman who believes in the ideas of ancient tradition meeting modern technology.

All of my Projects are made of 90% recycled parts and pieces so as to obtain maximum quality with minimum price. All tools are made to perform in moderate to severe conditions.

My latest project has been an English war hammer.

The English war hammer is made from a drop forged steel rock hammer. This has been carefully shaped to bring out a four inch spike on the back end while retaining the 1.5 by 1.5 inch flat hammer head in the front. The handle consists of a 36" solid Oak custom fitted handle. The handle also has Ten inches of leather and wire wrap for secure grip when wet or fatigued.

This has been just one of several weapons that I have made in the past for friends and relatives as gifts. But now I would like to turn my hobby into a full time income.


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