The New Puppy

by Nina Louise Mayer

It was my tenth birthday and I asked my dad can I please have a animal of my own because I knew i would look after it myself as i look after all the other animals on the farm. My Dad said well as you have done all your chores and helped a lot this year you can have a pet of your own. So I went on the computer for any animals for adoption as I have already adopted a kitten from the RSPCA last week, but I wanted a dog. My dad asked me well a dog is a huge responsibility to do all on your own, so I said yes I know but I really want one as we have 3 other dogs on the farm. I have been interested in dogs since the 101 Dalmations. So you may have quessed what breed I have got. I went on to DogsTrust and I kept looking and looking till I saw the most beautiful puppy ever. It was a male and he was only 12 weeks old. I said Dad look I want this one. he said aww he has been born in a kennel at Dogstrust so he was fine to buy. So we rang Dogstrust and they told us that he had no name and had to basically have everything that you would have to do when you buy a dog from someone you know. so the animal investigater said our home is brilliant for this breed. we bought him and took him home he was so cute and he loved to be cuddled. so I thought of the perfect name, Lucky because of 101 Dalmations. The next few weeks we took him to the vets to have all his treatment. Now he is a healthy 6 month old puppy who has a blue collar and he loves biscuits and me. The only thing to say is I love to have a pet on my own but of course my dad helps sometimes. The End.

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