The united states of America, Idaho Republic, near Grangeville, $895,000.00

by Anthony
(near Grangeville, Idaho Republic, The united states of America)

With a majestic view of North central Idaho, this 33 acres perched by a valley at an altitude of 4,000 feet elevation.

Its prime state of sustainability began in 2005 by implementation of its core vision --- dependency on renewable energy --- for its daily operation.

It integrated the principle of permaculture and organic method of cultivating and nurturing all the variety of plants including food-trees.

Its water storage capacity of up to 5,800 gallons off a spring sufficiently supply the need and demand of the household and irrigation of the food-forest. Additionally, a secondary backup source of water for irrigation purposes comes directly from a channel of ponds.

All petrochemical products were prohibited on this land, and it has never being used at all.

The house is a 3,200 square feet, three leveled log home with 3 bedroom in a day-light walk-in basement. The fourth room, a master or guest bedroom is located on the 3rd floor, which is adjacent to a loft. It has a open cathedral ceiling. There are two full bathrooms plus a half bath on the second floor, just adjacent to the living room and the kitchen. The pantry and mud-room are on the day-light walk in basement.

Two wood stoves, one on the day-light walk-in basement and the other in the kitchen of the second floor are the main source of heating-energy and/or cooking. Secondary heating-energy comes off of propane source on the day-light walk-in basement and second floor. There are two medium sized, and one large sized propane tanks for heating-energy and propane kitchen stove.

The house has a wrapped-around deck, with panaromic view of the northwestern Rocky Mountain ranges, and semi-ariel view of its own food-forest with up to 60-70 food-trees and food-shrubs, and off course plots for annual gardening.

Center to this golden and secluded haven of living center or retreat is its renewable energy systems which have been the backbone of its off-the-grid and self-reliance status:
* Year-round micro-hydroelectric power which also has provided excess energy to heat up the the water-tank for supply of hot water
* Solar panels to compliment the totality of self-reliance
* Aditional solar panels or wind power at specific site can be installed with already positioned underground power lines

There is a 12,0000KW backup generator located adjacent to the garage, with ample diesel fuel storage tank.

A mobile 1000 gallon water tank mounted on a gooseneck-hitched trailer is also on site for many uses.

Fenced sloped garden, a fenced gravel site for a medium to large above-ground greenhouse ajoining the fenced food-forest orchard.

Scattered in various spots, very private hide-outs, trails, and rock out-cropping.

A few strategic home-sites for purposes of establishing eco-villages and/or eco-community.

Other structures included:
* Enclosed shed for micro-hydroelectric turbine
* Sizeable garage with loft, and a lean-to carport which can accomodate farming or heavy equipment, and a car
* Metal shed/carport
* spring-well house

Hence, It is a Living Center/Retreat for Sustainability, Self-reliance and Survival.

(?will provide the exact sizes of various descriptive items mentioned above as it becomes available?)

!!! Also available an ajoining 20 acres of land to this private property to ram up the power production of the micro-hydroelectric system!!!

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Jan 18, 2017
by: Dr Meg

Please include photos when you put up an ad... They bring it to life!

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