Unidentified pest in Figs

by Karin
(Perth WA Australia)

We live in Toodyay WA on a small property using permaculture and wicking beds in our vegie garden and small orchard. We have about 18 trees - nectarines locuts, quince, plums, apricots, pear, apple, figs, orange, lemon cherry, peach etc. Our ducks chikens and geese roam around the orchard eating bugs and any fruit that falls on the ground so we have never had any problems with pests not even scale.

However we have picked about 3 kilos from our fig tree to find them infested inside with a small insect of some kind, we don't spray any of our trees or vegies.

At first I thought we must have fruit fly, but never having seen them wasn't sure, but on looking at them under a magnifying glass they appear to be a type of beetle with long antennae and a yellow triangle shape on either side of the middle section.

If anyone could tell me what it is, why they have decided to infest our tree for the first time ever (we have been on the property 11 years) and how to get rid of them without nasty man made chemicals I would be very grateful as it currently stands there will be no fig jam this season.



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