USA, Hawaii, Kilauea Kauai- $1,350,000

by Rosa Silver
(Portland, OR USA)

front of existing home
interior, chocolate eucalyptus floor

3.54 acre private sanctuary walking distance to one of the north shore’s more secluded beaches.

primarily an established Exotic fruit orchard, hardwood section, and undeveloped acre for your design. land designed by 2 Permaculture experts.existing home has solar, water filtration, Permaculture design for efficient home climate control.
This dream location offers an abundant year-round harvest, enough for your family plus additional income with infrastructure in place to build up to a 5-bedroom dream home.
Developed and built by artists, the home and land feature many exceptional hand-crafted details including mosaics, hand-painted floor tiles, carved wood beams, bamboo towel racks, chocolate heart eucalyptus floors, woven mat ceilings, butcher-block countertop, and so much more. Solidly built to last with climate in mind for sustainability including extra hurricane clips, thick lumber beyond code, and extra sealing against bugs and mold.

a bonus hand-carved separate studio/office
Ocean views possible.

Morrocan inspired hand carved office/studio
extra large deck
extensive irrigation system
exotic palms, bamboo
large landscaping lava rocks
large variety of fruits and citrus,
1 acre of undeveloped land for your creativity
90 year old mango tree
land clean of chemicals, GMO, etc
land designed by 2 Permaculture experts
Infrastructure is in place to build your dream home up to a 5 bedrooms.

The orchard includes rare trees including 9 varieties of Mango, 10 varieties of avocados, cacao, breadfruit, eggfruit, citrus (lisbon lemon, meyer lemon, ruby red grapefruit, tangelo…), exotics like wampi, rollinia, lychees, edible flowers, passion fruit, black sapote, ice apple, star apple/caimito,
also jackfruit, lychee, langsat, jaboticaba, mulberry, rambutan, figs, mamey sapote, pomegranate, pear, miracle fruit, cashew, noni, curry leaf, pummelo, and more..
In addition, there are nuts, various rare ornamental palms & bamboos - many for building use as well as an established hardwood grove for harvesting wood to build your new home.

The surrounding properties are also organic. The land was dedicated by the state as organic in 1999. It is protected organic property as the bylaws state that it has to remain organic. Prior to current owner when purchased in 1998 land lay fallow for over a decade.

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