We started with six..then there was three..

by teresa
(Comox, Canada)

We had three six month old and three one year old chickens. A couple of weeks ago one of the chicks decided to sit in the corner of the coop for four days would not eat or drink or move and the other girls would not go near her and lay outside. She did get up and laid a shelless egg but when she got up she would wobble and sit down. She also had what looked like mold on her bum. We have now had three others do the same thing. We are new to this and need to find a site that will tell us how to raise these girls. Can anyone give us some advice.

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Jun 20, 2010
Dealing with Soft shelled or No shell eggs
by: Karmen

Disturbances causing eggs to be laid before calcification of the shell is complete:

* Poor nutrition
* Saline water
* Diseases, e.g. infectious bronchitis and eggdrop syndrome


* Minimise activities which create disturbances in and around the layer shed. Increase shed security to stop other birds and animals entering the shed.
* Make sure that birds? nutrient intake is correct (particularly regarding calcium and vitamin D3). Mixed feed should be handled carefully so that the different components do not separate out. This particularly needs to be checked when augers and automatic feeding systems are used.

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