What to Feed for Large-Scale Chicken Raising

by Tamara
(Motozintla, Mexico)

Hello from Mexico.

I just stumbled across your site and then promptly made two posts to my NGO's Facebook page to let people know about the great resources. We are The Sexto Sol Center. Part of our work is to teach permaculture to (poor) people in these mountains. My chicken population is about to increase by 1000 percent so I was looking for more exact feeding instructions. Eleven hatched today in the lemongrass, 3 orange darlings among them. Isn't it so much fun to do all this?

In solidarity... Tamara

MEG: Hi Tamara

Thanks for liking us :) Great work you are doing, and loved your website.

There is no "exact" chicken diet - to be profitable, you need to go with cheap, locally abundant resources, check a dietary analysis of each option, and combine them in a way that gives you the minimum protein, calcium, carbohydrate, etc needed. Look for "seconds" quality local grain crops bought in bulk and "waste" by-products of local industries.

Definitely grow your own supplements like high-protein earthworms and lucerne, and high calcium and magnesium comfrey, plus forage and pastures.

As you are an NGO I have also send you a free link to our ebook "Chicken Raising Made Easy" available here:

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Nov 26, 2012
Thank you
by: Tamara Brennan

Hello from Chiapas, Mexico. What a nice surprise to see that you've linked to the Sexto Sol Center. It is a small planet and with the internet we can help each other more than ever to create paradise on Earth, one homestead at a time. Sharing information is a great way to empower each other to live better and take better care of the Earth. Sexto Sol teaches rural people in these mountains how they can greatly improve the quality of life for their families by incorporating permaculture into their lifeways. Thank you again for your generosity of spirit.

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