Where do I start???

by Reeta
(South Carolina)

I grew up farming with my father in SC and now I'm thinking about starting my own organic garden to earn money. I have NO idea where to start. My father passed away 2yrs ago and I wish I would have thought of this before now. Plz advise me on how I should get started what's veggies, flowers, etc. are good to start planting

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Aug 16, 2013
Do some research first!
by: Mercy Walker

What grew on your farm that you enjoyed? What were your favorite chores? Not so fave?

Could you grow it without too much difficulty in Louisiana?
Consider the climate, needs for water, shade, nutrients and such. Costs for set up and lead time before market?
Consider pests, diseases, etc.

Learn from universities founded with ag depts. What sorts of support do they provide for small farms? Sometimes rural granges are a great resource, great people with experience.

Take a course from an SBDC or something similar. Then you can decide if this is really what you want to do because you will learn to look at your project with a wider, wiser viewpoint.

Will you have livestock and/or poultry? Study rotational grazing. What plants are toxic? Amend the forage with other nutritious plants. Read about Sugar Mountain Farm for insights.

Before you buy:

Test the soil. Find out whether it had been heavily fertilized.

Find out about the water table. Get the water tested, too! Do a perk test.

Study topog maps!

Wish you the best in following your dream!

Feb 09, 2013
start with 1 or two things
by: Anonymous

Hello. Yes, get your soil tested for micro nutrients. Then grow one or two main vegetables (or something like strawberries). Grow enough for yourself, and all the extra is for selling. Also maybe get 1 seed package of several kinds of veggies, and try them out. Great way to get food in your freezer.

Oct 28, 2011
Starting garden
by: Marvin

First - and most important - is preparing the soil.
Get chicken litter or cow manure from a nearby farm and turn it in this fall.

Next spring get a soil test to determine if you need supplements, like lime, etc.

That will keep you busy and off the streets for a while.

Marvin Shelley
Rural Real Estate Broker
Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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