Why Are My Chickens Dying?

by Allison

Every single of my Americana chickens get diseased or something and die. I give them clean water and food. I spend hours with them every day. What am I doing wrong or is it just the breed? I've had bantams and they have been for the most part healthy. Should I change breeds or what.I don't want to see them keep dying.


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Feb 20, 2010
It could be the heat
by: Jon White

I agree with the last person who said that bantams are great foragers and are therefore less dependant on grain. This makes them easier to feed.
Another thing that kills chickens pretty quickly is prolonged heat. Heatwaves are really hard on chickens. They can get heat-stroke from one or two days of hot weather and then literally take weeks to die. During hot weather, their water needs to be cool, otherwise they won't drink it. Your bantams could be tough enough to handle the heat, whereas the Americanas may not be.
Just a thought, but without more details, it's impossible to say exactly why they are dying.

Jan 12, 2010
Diet is Everything...
by: Anonymous

Hi Allison
The most common mistake people make is not feeding their chickens properly. Check out this webpage on the subject at this shortened URL:
Bantams often do better than other breeds because most of them are great foragers, supplementing their diets with high protein bugs and grubs.

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