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Hi,wondering if anyone using Linda Woodrow's mandala system can tell me what they do with the area around the pond. In her book it appears as a garden bed but she doesn't explain what she plants there. Am just in the planning and designing stages and want to employ her system as fully as possible. Many thanks. Am based in Tasmania.

MEG: I've tried her system and planted perennial plants around the central pond - especially herbs. These give cover to the frogs and other critters attracted to the pond. You could also try perennial veges.

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Jan 24, 2011
garden around a pond
by: Marvin Shelley

If the terrain allows it, you could place your entire garden near the pond and irrigate from the pond.

If the pond has a levee that was pushed up to make the pond, that dirt may not be very good for gardening

If there's no shade trees nearby, you might want to plant something perennial - blackberries, raspberries, asparagus, etc.

My pond has huge shade trees on 3 sides, with a levee that was pushed up for a dam on the 4 th side. So, using the area for gardening is not practical.

Best of luck with your new place.

Marvin Shelley, Real Estate Broker
Hogeye, Arkansas.

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